“Men don’t cry”

” Men don’t cry”

Men don’t cry,
I always wonder why?
Their feelings they don’t always share;
and how selfish we are that we don’t even care.
Why is it still considered a taboo?
Oh come on, they are humans too.

We teach our sons not to cry,
This leaves them emotionally dry.
What should they do when their emotions are at peak?
Because oh, crying is just considered weak.

Even if they try to talk,
Ignorant to it away we walk.
Men don’t understand emotions we always claim;
But you, me and everyone is to be blamed.

Love is what we from them we seek,
unfortunately leaving them emotionally weak.
So, I hope we will give it try,
And not judge men when they cry.

– Prachi Mahamia

“ How To Be Nice “

“ It’s nice to be important, but it’s important to be nice.”

So, the other day I came across a video from a YouTuber which was titled, ‘how to be nice ‘ and this hit me hard. It made me wonder what are we heading towards? We are so busy being everything else that we are forgetting being nice.
How difficult it is to be nice? What are we becoming? What does it take to become a genuinely nice person? The fact that ridicules me is that we are having the need to teach people to be nice. What are we doing? Something that should have been coming from within, something that should have be inculcated right from when we were young, something that should be way of life is what has to be taught.
Being nice to others is as important for yourself as it is for others. It fills you up with positivity, not only enhancing your behaviour and impression towards others, but making your overall day to be good. Being appreciative of what others do for you is the least you can do to make their day better.
We aren’t fighting any war or something, our war is with ourselves. We are all depressed and saddened with some reason or another but that shouldn’t stop us from being nice to each other and showing gratitude. Being good is a therapy for ourselves and so for others. Let’s indulge in making our lives a bit less difficult and more acknowledging one.

– Prachi Mahamia


Hello everyone, starting off my first blog with my favourite poetry. This poetry came to me when I was going through a bad phase of my life. So here’s it for a new start.

Most people don’t..”

Constant fights, stressful nights, burdened life,
Forcing people to slit their wrists with the knife.

People are broken from in,
Talking about problem isn’t a sin,
Speak up to parents, speak to friends,
Your problems will definitely have some end.

Don’t keep yourself locked inside,
Explore the beauty of things outside,
Find happiness in small little things,
Your life is a fairy tale, just open your wings.

My dear this is just a phase,
Trust yourself and solve the life’s maze,
Don’t let stupid thoughts in your mind,
To yourself just be kind.

Suicide is not the solution,
Sit, think and solve the confusion.
You are the fighter and you will fight,
Kill your demons and standup right.

By your thoughts don’t get haunt,
You have survived most people don’t.

– Prachi Mahamia